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Perisno 1.4.6 Patch Notes

April 30 2023

[New Features] Lords, after being defeated in battle, the chances of them escaping has decreased depending on the level of the player's party tactics skill [Gameplay Changes] Game Options, "Enable Leaf Bomb DMG Notifications" changed to "Bomb DMG Notifications." It has now been fixed and will work for both Leaf Bombs and Galwe Grenades [Gameplay Changes] Player Imprisonment, when the player becomes captured whether they are on hard mode or not they should no longer lose any legendary items [Gameplay Changes] Quests, during a Large Bounty Hunt, you no longer lose honor if someone else kills your target [Gameplay Changes] Sieges, if the player is on the defending side their ammo will replenish every 2 minutes without a blacksmith, just like the AI. 1 minute with a blacksmith [Gameplay Changes] Weekly Budget, tax collection date calculations have been adjusted [Gameplay Changes] Weekly Budget, tax collection date calculations now affect the staff members (constables, chancellor, etc) [Bug Fixes] Adventurer's Guild, when choosing Azure Keep as your starting location, Adventurer's Guildsman will now spawn in Forniron [Bug Fixes] Bandit Camps, camp leaders now spawn with full health. If previously defeated they spawned with 0 health [Bug Fixes] Enterprises, fixed a situation where players can't see the enterprise list [Bug Fixes] Galwe Library, can no longer store money at the location [Bug Fixes] Ladies, Artanher Kaiyrithe should appear properly in Berlaeduil's court [Bug Fixes] Lords, Linthradil and Liana's marriage preferences are now calculated properly [Bug Fixes] Lords, fixed a bug that required you to have both the culture and +50 relations in order to maintain Giants/Aroulo in your faction [Bug Fixes] Outlaw Camps, Volheere, Snowcrawlers, Escaped Prisoner camps will now spawn properly [Bug Fixes] Player Abilities, fixed a funny bug where mounts used first aid [Bug Fixes] Player Companions, Hyk, no longer asks to rejoin your company if you already recruited him during the Northern Island scene [Bug Fixes] Quests, fixed a loop that would prevent you from progressing Krysanna's post-marriage quest if you chose the wrong dialogues [Bug Fixes] Relations, when attacking Volheere you will now lose relations with Volheere instead of Outlaws [Bug Fixes] WSE, only partial compatibility. If used, will incur mostly harmless red text errors. Some castles cannot be sieged, WSE2 issue. Not Perisno related.

Perisno 1.4.5 Patch Notes

June 28 2022

[New Features] - Garrisons, Holding 1 upon entering your garrison will cause all Ladies to not appear [Already in 1.4.4] [Scene Changes] - Forniron, some navmesh rework [Scene Changes] - Ianthas Castle, some navmesh rework [Scene Changes] - Khul Vara, some navmesh rework [Scene Changes] - Novark Castle, fixed dwarves getting stuck at the top of the castle [Scene Changes] - Qaletaqa, some navmesh rework for alley scene [Scene Changes] - Samarra Castle, some navmesh rework [Gameplay Changes] - AI Weapons System, minor unimportant improvements [Gameplay Changes] - Caravans, completing player caravans will reward the player with a small amount of experience and renown depending on the amount sold [Gameplay Changes] - Characters, Aris Hakkon has been renamed to Aris Talcinous in accordance to the new lore. Age changed from 30 to 45 [Gameplay Changes] - Chancellor, when sending a message to a lord you can now choose to send to all lords [Gameplay Changes] - Companions, you can now change their equipment even after turning them into vassals [Gameplay Changes] - Companions, Hyk and Khivachis no longer disappear from your party if you get captured [Gameplay Changes] - Deserters, you can no longer recruit them after falling below a certain threshold [Gameplay Changes] - Dialogues, swapped some options around so that the top option is always attack and second option is always leave when speaking to some minor spawns or scouts [Gameplay Changes] - Enlisted, player can no longer leave if they have enlisted for less than 7 days. Players once again receive +1 relations once they retire [Gameplay Changes] - Lords, every -10 honor the player has reduces the execution requirement by 1 [Gameplay Changes] - Lords, Liana in new savegames from here on will have a fixed reputation of Cunning [Gameplay Changes] - Lords, when using first aid in battle it no longer full heals. It is now based on their intelligence and first aid, similar to the player. Battle Cry remains the same [Gameplay Changes] - Perisno Persuasion System, choices become even more difficult the more you use them [Gameplay Changes] - Perisno Persuasion System, every time you fail an option you have a chance to increase the chances of a previously used option [Gameplay Changes] - Perisno Persuasion System, every time you succeed an option you have a low chance to decrease the chances of another option [Gameplay Changes] - Perisno Persuasion System, when persuading lords to leave you alone it will now dynamically take into account their stats, making it easier or harder depending on the lord [Gameplay Changes] - Perisno Persuasion System, persuasion now has an 8% chance to return a usage counter every time you fail. Persuasion also has a 5% chance to not consume a usage counter every time you succeed [Gameplay Changes] - Player Abilities, companions can now use First Aid. This does not include Battle Cry. Notification range has been increased, to tell who nearby has used first aid [Gameplay Changes] - Player Camps, quantity of troops in the camp now directly affect how quickly troops begin to disband from the camp [Gameplay Changes] - Quests, when requested to train troops for lords it will choose lower tier troops more commonly as compared to high tier troops [Gameplay Changes] - Reference Materials, added Ingvar's Mercenaries and the player's HHG into View All Troops (minor factions) [Gameplay Changes] - Reference Materials, added religious troops to Minor Factions list. Also added Drake Rider to Reich's (major faction) [Gameplay Changes] - Reference Materials, reverted the color change for Trade and Tactics for not increasing the player's party skills [Gameplay Changes] - Refinements, price adjustments [Gameplay Changes] - Treasury, holding down left shift while withdrawing/depositing funds will now withdraw/deposit 50,000 aurums as compared to 10,000 aurums [Gameplay Changes] - Troops, when speaking to Ingvar's mercenaries or your household guards they will have a new dialogue explaining the current circumstances of whether you can equip them or not [Gameplay Changes] - Weekly Budget, when disabled it will no longer move the camera to the player [Bug Fixes] - AI Weapons System, AI respects "Blunt Weapons" command [Bug Fixes] - Dialogues, preventing the player from unintentionally recruiting hero-type units into their party [Bug Fixes] - Enlisted, should no longer soft lock you into battles after being defeated [Bug Fixes] - Feasts, descriptions should no longer bug out [Bug Fixes] - Household Guards, displays the correct time remaining in hours [Bug Fixes] - Household Troops, sometimes stuck in a scenario where you can no longer recruit them [Bug Fixes] - Household Guards, fixed an exploit that allowed you to use legendary weapons on them without cheats enabled [Bug Fixes] - Household Guards, when changing the equipment of Nobles and Commons it will no longer display strictly a Human Male [Bug Fixes] - Patrols, when choosing 'Never mind.' it would soft-lock you into that dialogue until you chose a new location for the patrols. Now fixed [Bug Fixes] - Player Abilities, more bug fixes for lords that use first aid [Bug Fixes] - Player Caravan, player can now buy Horse upgrade from Maccavia as well [Bug Fixes] - Lords, when executed they will now lose all their fiefs [Bug Fixes] - Lords, when trying to intrigue you can no longer convince lords to leave their faction if you do not have a faction yourself [Bug Fixes] - Lord Duels, in situations where your armor changes (via questlines or unique dialogues, not the regular duel menu) Giants and Dwarves no longer squeeze into human armor [Bug Fixes] - Marshalship, you no longer automatically remove yourself as marshal [Bug Fixes] - Monarchs, fixed a strange scenario where they join your faction [Bug Fixes] - Outlaw Camps, when completing them they raised relations with the closest village. Now restricted to only towns [Bug Fixes] - Quests, house ladies should now be able to give quests properly [Bug Fixes] - Quests, Vinica Rebellion will now hook onto the new owner of Vinica if there is a change. The quest will also automatically fail if the player hasn't spoken to the owner and the garrison happens to become ownerless, or if the player becomes the owner [Bug Fixes] - Quests, when completing Illica-Falki's questline for Nodah, Gunnar and the Dragon Priesters are now neutral parties, preventing them from being attacked by anyone else but you [Bug Fixes] - Recruiters, should now recruit recruits of the current faction that owns the village appropriately [Bug Fixes] - Textures, Valahir armor no longer turns blue at a distance [Bug Fixes] - Wandering Bards, when asking about ladies they are no longer accidentally addressed as men

Perisno 1.4.4 Patch Notes

April 15 2022

[New Features] - Holding R in party management screen and clicking Take will send all wounded troops into the garrison while refilling your party with unwounded troops [New Scenes] - Azure Keep [Scene Changes] - Fixed a bug with Gral Castle [Scene Changes] - Bounty Target at Turan has been moved [Scene Changes] - You can now enter the prison of Falcon's Pride [Scene Changes] - Minor improvements to navmesh in Saccar Camp [Gameplay Changes] - Re-added Disband for Perisno Army [Gameplay Changes] - Reintroduced Horse Archery AI Toggle [Gameplay Changes] - Lyre/Lute sounds in Taverns have been removed [Gameplay Changes] - Travelling Dwarf has a higher chance to spawn [Gameplay Changes] - Foraging for food has been moved to night triggers [Gameplay Changes] - Murdenholl tournaments now spawns with a sword or axe [Gameplay Changes] - Reference page shows base and current wage for troops [Gameplay Changes] - Lords who are married can no longer deliver love letters [Gameplay Changes] - Success rate when using Perisno Persuasion System is displayed [Gameplay Changes] - Reference Materials for Lords displays the name of their spouse [Gameplay Changes] - Outlaw Camps will now only guarantee one Knight of Doom to spawn [Gameplay Changes] - Mercenary Guilds in towns further reduces the chances of lords escaping [Gameplay Changes] - When a patrol is defeated, the name of the enemy party is in the notification message [Gameplay Changes] - Units with bastard weapons will sometimes unequip their shield when in swinging range [Gameplay Changes] - First Aid and Battlecry will display a notification in the logs when it is ready for use [Gameplay Changes] - Lords sell a random amount (generally small) of prisoners every week from their garrison [Gameplay Changes] - Reference Materials shows ALL skills, and lists the household guard if there is one available [Gameplay Changes] - All Major and Minor Troops have been added to the Camp > Cheat Menu > Give me Troop Templates [Gameplay Changes] - When receiving a message from constable that your household guards are ready, location is displayed [Gameplay Changes] - Khivachis and Amara being twins in lore are now twins in the game (not important, requires new save) [Gameplay Changes] - Noble and Common Household Guards will reset the modifier of their gear similar to Royal Household Guards [Gameplay Changes] - Mercenary Companies that are purchased by the player from the High Perisno Marshal will always be visible on the map [Gameplay Changes] - In dialogues, when asking for peace, Lords tell you the location of their monarch if you have high relations with them [Gameplay Changes] - Units will hyper-aggressively swap their weapons from twohanded to onehanded or switch to ranged depending on the situation [Gameplay Changes] - Player Camp no longer disbands as quickly. Now calculated as 7 days base + 7 days per leadership before they begin to disband [Gameplay Changes] - When asking your constable to train your household guards but he is already in the process, he tells you how much time is remaining [Gameplay Changes] - Attacking outlaw camps and failing will reduce relations with outlaws. If you succeed, you will gain relations with the closest town [Gameplay Changes] - Spymaster can now incite a war with the player's faction, making it seem like the player's faction was provoked by the other faction [Gameplay Changes] - You gain 1 renown per 8 kills (5 renown per victory) when participating in the melee fights in Town Arenas via the Tournament Master [Gameplay Changes] - In Reference Materials, for troops, skills that are higher than 4 and boost party skills will show up green. Looting will show up as red [Gameplay Changes] - Due to changes in the lore, Emperor Hakkon II renamed to Emperor Sidderis. Imperial General Hakkon III renamed to Imperial General Vlhamos [Gameplay Changes] - Similar to being a Monarch, as a vassal if you conquer a castle and choose not to claim it, it will generate a small amount of reinforcements in the castle [Gameplay Changes] - Gordga Hammerhead can now refine anything in your inventory, lists everything from what you have equipped first to everything in your inventory top to bottom [Bug Fixes] - Ataman frozen dialogue fixed [Bug Fixes] - Dead factions no longer wage war [Bug Fixes] - Red Text Errors with sorting prisoners [Bug Fixes] - Fixed a bad dialogue hook for Perisno Army [Bug Fixes] - Warmonger gear no longer cost a few pennies [Bug Fixes] - Zann Spearheads should join battles more often [Bug Fixes] - Horse Speed Limitation option actually works now [Bug Fixes] - No more red text when withdrawing from the robber quest [Bug Fixes] - Fixed an issue causing the prisoner screen to be skipped [Bug Fixes] - Can no longer build a Well upgrade without building a Mill [Bug Fixes] - Fixed a random red text error displaying simple triggers 180 [Bug Fixes] - Fixed a random red text error displaying simple triggers 181 [Bug Fixes] - Fixed another random red text error displaying simple triggers 181 [Bug Fixes] - First Aid/Battlecry timers notify at the correct time, not seconds before [Bug Fixes] - In sieges, enemy attackers should no longer stop respawning after one wave [Bug Fixes] - Spouse as Monarch fixes. Spouse was previously failing to choose a marshal [Bug Fixes] - Fixed some auto equip functions when equipping companions from the loot pool [Bug Fixes] - When sending a messenger to all patrols, dialogue shows the correct location [Bug Fixes] - Fixed a bug that caused villages to give much less income than they should be [Bug Fixes] - No longer lose relations with the wrong faction when breaking lords out of prison [Bug Fixes] - While enlisted, revolting against your lord no longer fills the screen with red text [Bug Fixes] - Giants no longer defect to the player's kingdom if the player does not have a kingdom [Bug Fixes] - Loot in village raiding are now calculated appropriately, and red text errors have been resolved [Bug Fixes] - Inciting a war via spymaster now has a 3 day timer, as intended (previously 0 hour timer during debugging) [Bug Fixes] - When training household guards, the times were previously incorrect. It should be 7/10/14 days, not 3/7/14 days [Bug Fixes] - Troops should no longer disappear when giving troops to a village for the defend/give troops to village quest [Bug Fixes] - No longer bugs out when choosing the option that you are the rightful ruler when speaking to your wife to rebel [Bug Fixes] - Don't worry everyone, it's not that lords were impossible to kill. It's that they were still bugged and kept spamming first aid. Not anymore! [Bug Fixes] - Vassal Hell Prevention Measures work properly again, preventing lords from staying in your castle indefinitely until you accept or deny them [Bug Fixes] - Zann goes to war with you again if you enter peace, and their vanguards are still trying to siege that specific town. If you steal the garrison from Zann while there are still vanguards heading to that location, they will attack it again instead of reinforcing it.

Perisno 1.4.3 Patch Notes

March 7 2022

[Gameplay Changes] "Drahara Tempest Guardians proficiency nerfs" [Gameplay Changes] "New textures for Hakkon's Legionnaire Shields" [Gameplay Changes] "Perisno Rune Rangers given their old outfit back" [Gameplay Changes] "Perisno Guardsman now uses his previous shield" [Gameplay Changes] "Perisno troops renamed back to their original names" [Gameplay Changes] "Naphali players can worship the Fountain Goddess for free" [Gameplay Changes] "Ransom Broker tells how many slaves they have available" [Gameplay Changes] "Perisno Guardsmen given a cape to look less like Champions" [Gameplay Changes] "Perisno Great Knights use the same armor as Perisno Champions" [Gameplay Changes] "Auto-equip feature should no longer equip race-restricted armor" [Gameplay Changes] "Augustus Makmix tells how many recruits he still has available for you" [Gameplay Changes] "Perisno Champions given the new Rune Ranger armor to help differentiate them from Guardsmen" [Gameplay Changes] "Previously removed, you now gain a small amount of morale for winning your battle" [Gameplay Changes] "Falling below a certain relations threshold with the lord of the town will cause your enterprise to be under sequestration" [Gameplay Changes] "Perisno Paladin given a cape to signify their nobility and look less like Great Knights. Polearm buffed, throwing nerfed (doesn't use throwing anymore anyway)" [Bug Fixes] "More Freelancer fixes" [Bug Fixes] "Persuasion Dialogue is AGI, not DEX." [Bug Fixes] "Fixed cretas eidolon armor when crafting" [Bug Fixes] "Fixed an error in Halduril's Spear Questline" [Bug Fixes] "Town mayors should reset their quests properly" [Bug Fixes] "Equipping crafted armor shouldn't crash you anymore" [Bug Fixes] "Should no longer be able to join a battle without health" [Bug Fixes] "Perisno Oval Shields can now be crafted in the crafting menu" [Bug Fixes] "Targith wasn't giving the Kingslayer quest, should give it now" [Bug Fixes] "Shouldn't sink into the horse anymore when using first aid while mounted" [Bug Fixes] "Selecting the Legionnaire Shield in crafting menu should no longer crash you" [Bug Fixes] "Fixed a typo when recruiting household troops. It should be 1/2/3 days not 3/5/7 days" [Bug Fixes] "Fixed a typo when gaining/losing relations with a village. Displays both gains and current relations now" [Bug Fixes] "Persuasion dialogue warning appears at the wrong time, should now appear when you're actually using it" [Bug Fixes] "Fixed a dialogue error with Faris de Galwe preventing you from accessing any other dialogues if you defeated the Dreaded One" [Bug Fixes] "Changing the tax rate of a village or town rapidly decreased/increased its relations. Should now change in a timely manner"

Perisno 1.4.2 Patch Notes

Feb. 27 2022

Gameplay Changes - Tolranian Tower Knight's skills have been rebalanced to better fit their role Gameplay Changes - In conversations, NPC's should address you as My Lady/Sire correctly/more often Gameplay Changes - Friends and Enemies don't show up in your character report until you've actually met them Gameplay Changes - Nodah's Illica quest. You cannot accept this quest anymore if you are a Reich vassal or using Reich culture. You will also become hostile with the Reichs if you attack the caravan. Bug Fixes - Foraging typo when foraging Bug Fixes - Hyk calls you brother/sister correctly Bug Fixes - You can now rest in towns while enlisted Bug Fixes - Fixed some Kingslayer dialogues that would reset the quest Bug Fixes - You can't recruit falcon troops anymore if you are enlisted, this was an oversight Bug Fixes - When sending gifts, the caravan uses your faction instead of commoner faction Bug Fixes - Lords were originally bugged in tournaments, spamming first aid. They shouldn't spam it anymore Bug Fixes - When joining a faction as a mercenary, sometimes the names would hook incorrectly. This should be fixed

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