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The Ukundu people are native to the continent of Nisaynia. Although they share their land with the Volheere Raiders and the Rafkla Clan, the Ukundu live in the remote jungles of Nisaynia far away from the other two clans and even further from Perisno. It is only through the tales picked up by Ukundu travellers from the recently-returned King Rafklazan that they learned of the prosperous and dangerous land of Perisno. Having conquered the Ukundu's home jungle and surrounding area, King Ukundu was keenly awaiting an opportunity to expand his influence and power. Therefore, upon hearing of the opportunities for blood and glory in this foreign land, he quickly assembled a force of his best warriors and set off on his voyage. Having now arrived on the Perisno mainland and set up an area of operations around Drahara territory in the east, the Ukundu war parties are a menace to smaller armies and their leader is said to patrol the deserts with over five-hundred exotic fighters.^^The Ukundu's army is exceptional for two reasons. The first reason is that it is comprised mostly of women. In the Ukundu culture, men traditionally take the roles of craftsmen and artisans, while women are trained to ride and hunt with sword and spear. Although men tend to be stronger in one-on-one combat, women have a unique talent which is explained by the second reason: the high-tier Ukundu troops ride tigers into battle. The species of tiger endemic to Ukundu jungles are ferocious and swift animals, however they are highly resistant to being ridden by male humans. Even King Rafklazan himself must resort to riding a horse. Only in very rare cases will a male be accepted onto the back of an Ukundu tiger.

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