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Syrin Nomads

The Syrin nomads are migrating from their homeland, called the Aelston Desert. After living in their home for hundreds of years, the desert became uninhabitable. Some say the Gods themselves were the cause of this. The entire nation had to migrate, and so they did. After traveling through vast and cruel deserts, the situation was becoming hopeless, until one day, they chanced upon a settlement. The people there said they were ruled by the Draharans. The Syrins, lead by Queen Zolona, decided that it would become the perfect home for them. So began the war between the Draharan nation and the Syrin nomads, in the year 365. The war goes on still, and now Zolona ravages the Draharan countryside, angry for her failures attacking the Draharan castle. It is up to the player to eliminate this threat.

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