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Around the Year 709 BE-

The Kulshivites were absorbed into the Kingdom Of Perisno, for the most part in a peaceful transition. The small tribe of people had mostly accepted Perisno’s growth in the central woodlands. The Kulshivites were made up of mostly villages. Those who lived predominantly in the forests had accepted King Macarius’s invite to join the Kingdom. However, there was a small group amongst the Kulshivites who refused to accept the culture and religion of the One God. Every attempt by Macarius to cull the trouble and uprising that these fanatics brought forth was met with more opposition. Within a few years they had grown to a rather large size and had become known as The “Tsaugheim”. On a cold winter night, remembered as “The Godless Blood Moon,” 25 members of the self-proclaimed fanatics murdered a gathering of Priests. Their bodies were strewn over the city's streets. Before city guards caught on to the massacre, the Tsaugheim vanished into the night. The following morning, the words written in blood were found on the nearby buildings: Tsaugheim watches in your wake. Tread lightly, step quietly. We promise, nothing cannot break. King Macarius was outraged, but every attempt to hunt down these murderers proved fruitless. Over the next decade, on the same date every year, The Tsaugheim fanatics would strike on a suspected village. The methods were always the same; murdering innocent people and leaving their mark. The sightings reported on the Tsaugheim were often noted by their masks and robes. Any fanatics that were caught committed suicide before any whereabouts of their leaders were uncovered. A large number were caught in the act around the year 694 BE, and many were killed in the struggle. The Tsaugheim officially declared their own nation in the Year 693 BE.

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